About Virtual Incentives

Virtual Incentives offers the industry leading prepaid platform powered by a simple, customizable virtual solution.

We’re the leading provider of Visa® and MasterCard® virtual accounts and Physical Visa® and MasterCard® Reward Cards serving the incentives market. In addition, we offer our proprietary GiftCard PASS, as well as global gift card solutions.

Who Uses Virtual Incentives?

  • Research firms for survey incentives
  • Promotion agencies rewarding consumers
  • Businesses for employee rewards
  • Car manufacturers to reward test drivers
  • Businesses with loyalty programs

Our unique platform provides the world’s most dynamic incentives delivery program available.

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The Virtual Incentives Platform was designed to raise levels of engagement, increase response rates and increase appeal among your reward recipients. At Virtual Incentives, we work closely with our partnersto transform the reward experience through our unique, innovative reward platform. Everything we dokeeps your reward recipient’s experience top of mind with instant, mobile-compatible delivery, choice,superior customer service and high levels of personal relevancy. And with agile ordering and delivery systems, it’s easy to integrate all your incentive programs.

Reward Options

eGiftCards, Global Rewards, GiftCard Pass, Physical Visa® and MasterCard® cards and Visa® and MasterCard® virtual accounts.

Ordering Technology Experience

Our simple, powerful and secure Virtual Incentives API allows seamless integration with your platform. VI Now features easy setup and ordering and enables hundreds of company-wide users. Learn more

Custom Branding

Your incentive redemption process can be customized to seamlessly match your program’s branding, look and feel. Learn more

Marketing Engagement

There are virtually no limits on the level of engagement you can offer your recipients at everytouch point of reward delivery and redemption. Learn more


We go above and beyond on the security measures we put in place. Learn more

Customer Service & Support

Your dedicated Virtual Incentives Account Team will partner with you in defining, building and managing your reward programs. Learn more

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