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5 Great Ways Custom Emails and Virtual Visa® Reward increase sales

Did you know these facts about Email marketing?

These reasons explain why Custom Email and Virtual Visa® Reward are such a great combination for consumer marketers to increase sales. Custom Email are a low cost but high quality way to generate leads and Virtual Visa® Reward is the perfectly simple prepaid rewards solution. Virtual Visa® Reward is a virtual prepaid card delivered from a Customized Email. A secure link is sent to the recipient. The recipient chooses to shop online “now” or receive a card in the mail. The recipient registers their Virtual Visa® and can immediately use their reward online. How do consumer marketers use this combination to increase sales? Here are 5 great ways.

  1. SPECIAL OFFERS: are communicated about Virtual Visa® Reward and enabled within the Custom Email.
  2. LANDING PAGES: are created for the special offers. Once there, consumers can see all the key benefits about the offer in more detail.
  3. LINKS: on either the Custom Email or the Landing Pages can take consumers to destinations for additional purchases or to create a deeper connection.
  4. CROSS SELL & UP SELL: are made possible through these additional touch points.
  5. REFER-A-FRIEND: provides the means for consumers to tell others about the great offers which produces more sales for the consumer marketers.

Email and the power of the Visa brand have been around for a long time. Today, the use of both in combination are made possible by Virtual Incentives. We provide solutions that help businesses connect with their most valuable employees, customers and partners in ways never before possible. Virtual Incentives’ prepaid platform is powered by a simple, customizable virtual solution that closes the gap between action/achievement and rewards, rebates and offers. Did this teach you something new about the uses for Custom Email and Virtual Visa® Reward? Would you consider this combination for your next consumer marketing campaign to increase sales?

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