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5 ways to improve customer engagement using email incentives

oim-diagram_engagement_smallIf you are an employer looking to reward employees or a market research company offering an incentive for participation in a study like a survey, email delivery allows numerous advantages to conventional physical rewards. Of course, the incentive or reward means a lot. But so does how you communicate it and the options you give. They influence response and customer engagement. And engagement with your customers is key to building relationships. At Virtual Incentives, where we do prepaid solutions that help businesses connect with their most valuable employees, customers and partners in ways never before possible, we know the value in emails of customer engagement. Here are 5 ways to improve customer engagement using email incentives.

  1. CUSTOM BRANDED COMMUNICATIONS: When you do an incentive or rewards program with Virtual Incentives, we set up your email so it is branded and customized to your specifications and standards. We also give you the ability to manage unique templates and enable highly personalized content.
  2. INSTANT GRATIFICATION: Some people act instantly. To them, when a reward is delivered, they want to act right away. We let your audience know they can use the reward instantly. We give them a special code and a link in the email to the places when they can shop online, immediately.
  3. GO-GREEN: It’s a good reflection on your company and your customers to let them know their reward is environmentally friendly. One little piece of plastic might not seem like much, but think of the milions of pieces of plastic and paper used in conventional prepaid programs. It all adds up and you can let your audience know they are contributing to the solution.
  4. SOCIAL SHARING: If something is of value to your customer, it’s probably useful to someone who is just like him or her and shares the same values. If it’s a benefit to you, we enable sharing of news by recipients through their social networks to spread the word right though the reward email.
  5. PHYSICAL CARD: If your customers want the option or security of a physical card, they can have it, easily. On our rewards emails, a click will take them to form that is filled out and the card is on its way.

Does your company do rewards and incentives programs? Do you engage with your customers using emails? Do these ways show you how you could be increasing engagement? Are you interested to learn more?

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