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5 ways Virtual Visa Reward satisfies the most finicky customers

varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpzk6d9b If your company manages incentives or rewards employees, you know that customers can be finicky. Now, Virtual Incentives has launched the most flexible and robust Virtual Visa Reward ever. It has the most ways to reward to delight even the most finicky customers. Here are 5 ways Virtual Visa Reward from Virtual Incentives is more flexible:

  1. CUSTOM BRANDED COMMUNICATIONS: Branded and customized to a company’s specifications and standards with unique templates and personalized content, the Virtual Visa Reward delivery and supporting website allows a brand to maximize its promotional investment and brand visibility.
  2. INSTANT GRATIFICATION: When Virtual Visa Reward is delivered, it can be used instantly through a special code. Consumers can shop online anywhere Visa is accepted which is most everywhere.
  3. GO-GREEN: It’s a good reflection on a company to know their reward is environmentally friendly. One little piece of plastic might not seem like much, but think of the millions of pieces of plastic and paper used in conventional prepaid programs.
  4. PHYSICAL CARD: If customers want the option or security of a physical card, they can have it, easily, sent to their homes
  5. DEPOSIT DIRECTLY TO THE BANK ACCOUNT. There is even the option for the recipient to transfer an incentive or reward to their bank account.

For companies that manage incentive and reward program, you know that success is often based on great feedback from even the most hard to please. Do this 5 ways convince you that Virtual Visa Reward from Virtual Incentive is the most flexible prepaid reward solution? Would you like to learn more?

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