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Below you will find the case study on how to increase engagement using Amazon Gift Cards, an exclusive interview with Amazon’s CCO Jonathan Price.


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The Power of Amazon Gift Card Rewards

Increase engagement with Amazon Gift Cards Everyone loves receiving Amazon gift card rewards, that’s why Virtual Incentives made partnering with the e-commerce superpower a priority.  In this interview with our Chief Commercial Officer Jonathan Price, you’ll learn why implementing an Amazon gift card reward program can help increase engagement, strengthen brand awareness and build loyalty. … Continued

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How to Build a Survey Incentives Program that Gets Responses

Here’s a quick survey for you: Would you give your precious time to a company… for free?  If you said “not without a good reason,” you’re not alone. Survey incentives are the driving force behind the most successful data collection in the marketing world and beyond. Of course, active participation doesn’t come without a little … Continued

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How to Build Customer Rewards Programs that Foster Brand Loyalty

Thinking about starting a customer rewards program? It’s a smart move. In fact, acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one! That means nurturing your current customers is far more lucrative than investing in marketing outreach. Customer rewards programs are one of the best and … Continued

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