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What Can Visa® Virtual Rewards Do For You?

Give virtual gift cards with the power of instant and personalized global spending.

These days, there are so many different reward options out there. With Vi’s Visa® Virtual Rewards, now you can say goodbye to the guesswork and start giving people what they want.

Visa® Virtual Rewards is the fast, personalized and universally accepted solution for any rewards situation. Shape it to your consumer rebate program, research incentive or anything in between. 

The Era of Online Shopping

Online shopping is the way of the future — and that future has arrived. Ninety-six percent of Americans say they’ve made an online purchase in their life, while 51% of Americans actually prefer to shop online. That alone is reason enough to offer a universal reward like a virtual Visa® account. Give people the opportunity to spend their money where they want and whenever they want.

Always Make it Mobile

In the age of smartphones, people can (and will) spend their rewards literally anywhere. A surprising 23% of American online shoppers admit to making purchases from the bathroom or while in the car. Customer loyalty programs should pay special attention to their mobile platform. Seventy-three percent of adults are more likely to to join a loyalty program that shows their points and rewards on mobile wallet loyalty cards.

Customization is King

As you’re building any kind of loyalty program, adding custom branding might be the most important piece. Seventy-three percent of Marketing and IT decision makers believe a focused brand experience maintains customer loyalty. And whether you’re a market researcher or a retailer, always personalize your rewards to the recipient. Fifty-six percent of respondents from our study last year said that receiving a personalized incentive would improve their consideration of the brand.

As the rewards industry keeps on shifting and reinventing itself, Virtual Incentives continues to evolve with it, providing flexible solutions like Visa® Virtual Rewards. Explore additional benefits of our Visa products as well as our full-service solutions.



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