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East and West - A Look at Quirk's

Virtual Incentives had the opportunity to attend Quirk’s East in New York and Quirk’s West in California. There were a few points that carried over from one coast to the other. Let’s dive into those.

Connecting with millennials – the ultimate work in progress, how to engage them better, more often and get quality data:

The focus on millennials continues to heat up and rightfully so as their group maintains their elusiveness for marketers through use of technology in many facets of their lives from mobile banking, cutting the cord to cable and living most aspects of their lives through an app. Everything they need is stored right in their hands on one device. How do we break through when they’re saturated with text messages, emails and notifications including other market researchers? To start – knowing how your audience consumes information is key. Giving the right reward at the right time comes second. And third how to you create an experience that keeps you top of mind for your next effort. Millennials are known for wanting things tailored for them instantly and most often, virtually. Personalized incentives that are delivered immediately after a respondent provides their time is crucial to building further engagement.

Mobile survey delivery and automation – cost effective, fast and gives the ultimate prize:

In this accelerating on the go world executing research via mobile and receiving information in real time will get the information quality you desire, timely survey completion and be cost effective to researchers and clients. Time is a commodity that no one gives up easily. Executing surveys in a form that minimizes the demands on your respondents time and efforts are highly valued by participants driving higher response rates for you and your company. Having a mobile distribution platform that allows you to safely, quickly and easily administer surveys and other questionnaires is a win for the researcher and participant.

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