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  • How do I request an account?

    Please contact us at 1-800-854-6390 or request a price quote from the link on

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  • Are all account requests approved?

    No, we cannot automatically approve new customers. Virtual Incentives clients are subject to company diligence and program review. Virtual Incentives typically works with market research firms, promotional agencies, incentive companies and Fortune 500 companies.

  • I am a customer. May I purchase from Virtual Incentives?

    No. Virtual Incentives only sells to approved companies and organizations.

  • How do Visa® Virtual accounts work?

    Virtual Incentives delivers an email notification to recipients. The recipient simply clicks on the link to register their reward. Recipients will receive information about the specifics of their program, and a Visa® account number to begin shopping.

  • How do I place an order?

    Clients can choose to order via Vi NOW, our online ordering portal, or an API integration with Virtual Incentives. You can also use our cloud-based delivery system, Instant Issue, to send on-the-spot rewards from any device.

  • What am I able to brand/customize when i choose Visa® Virtual accounts?

    You may customize the reward email and the landing page. Customization includes a choice of colors, special messaging and logos.

  • What am I able to brand/customize for traditional plastic Visa® cards?

    You may customize the card, card carrier and envelope.

  • What if I have participants who don't want to shop online?

    You can elect to offer your recipients the choice to have a traditional plastic card sent to their home.

  • What options does a Visa® Virtual account recipient have?

    Depending on how you elect to set up your program, recipients can shop online or by phone, add funds to their balance, transfer the balance to their bank account or have a traditional plastic card sent to their home.

  • How fast can rewards be delivered?

    Visa virtual rewards may be delivered in real time via API or within hours via online ordering. Traditional plastic cards are shipped 3-5 days after payment is received.

  • What denominations are available?

    Denominations range from $5 – 1,000 and can be for an odd amount, such as $27.55.

  • How are rewards delivered?

    Virtual rewards are delivered by Virtual Incentives via a custom reward notification. If you choose traditional plastic cards, we can send them in bulk for you to distribute or send them to individual recipients.

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