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Gongos, Inc. gains customized, affordable incentive options with Virtual Incentives (Case Study)

In early 2015, Gongos, Inc. began its search for a new incentive provider. Having grown frustrated with its previous provider, Gongos, Inc. now knew what it needed from an incentive provider. Armed with this knowledge, the search began and ended with Virtual Incentives.

Case Study – September 2015

The right incentive can make all the difference, but not all incentives are created equal. Gongos, Inc., a market research firm, realized this when they began their search for an affordable, customizable incentive solution that could be tailored to their consumers’ needs. “We were frustrated with our current provider and couldn’t find a better solution until Virtual Incentives came along!” exclaimed Rebecca Witkow, Specialist of Digital Methods for Gongos, Inc. Offering cost-effective and flexible incentive solutions, Virtual Incentives was able to meet the needs of Gongos, Inc. and begin providing a better incentive experience for Gongos, Inc.’s consumers.

The Challenge

For market researchers, the problem is often not how to locate participants, but how to affordably and effectively encourage participation in a way that does not skew results. Gongos, Inc. experienced this dilemma with their previous incentive provider who became increasingly cost-restrictive and difficult to work with over time. As issues multiplied, a few facts became abundantly obvious: A new, more affordable incentive provider needed to be identified. This new provider would need to offer customizable and flexible incentive solutions. The new provider would need to be capable of handling the customer service needs of Gongos, Inc. and their consumers.


Aware of their needs, Gongos, Inc. identified and partnered with Virtual Incentives. Witkow outlined a few elements of Virtual Incentives’ offering that makes them the ideal partner:

SERVICE — Virtual Incentives treats Gongos, Inc. like a partner. Even better, ifGongos, Inc. is presented with a unique client need, Virtual Incentives works to provide a creative solution.

VARIETY — Gongos, Inc. is able to choose between a wide range of incentive options, including customization choices that can be passed along to the end user.

PRICE — Virtual Incentives works within Gongos, Inc.’s budget to provide an affordable, cost-effective incentive solution.

API — Virtual Incentives’ proprietary Application Programming Interface (API) allowsGongos, Inc. to sync its incentive program directly with Virtual Incentives’ offerings for rapid, timely incentive delivery. The transition was seamless from Gongos, Inc.’s previous provider to Virtual Incentives. “We were able to discontinue our old partnership and begin working with Virtual Incentives within a matter of days,” stated Witkow. “Our consumers really seem pleased with the transition as well, given the many incentive options they are offered through the GiftCard PASS and the customer service they’ve received from Virtual Incentives to assist with their incentive-related questions.”


Happy customers and savings in the form of time, money and energy are the results of full integration with Virtual Incentives. “Virtual Incentives has offered us greater discounts and more options with their incentive platform” Witkow noted. “It’s been a time-saver overall. Before, we handled all of the tech and customer support related to incentive questions, which we happily passed on to Virtual Incentives.” Gongos, Inc. is now able to offer consumers the customized, instant and seamless incentive experience they were looking for. And that seamless integration of Virtual Incentives’ platform, coupled with the affordable, customizable products and great customer service, has Gongos, Inc. optimistic about the future of the partnership. “Virtual Incentives has been very accommodating to our needs, including budget, timing and variety of options,” concluded Witkow. “We look forward to continuing and growing our partnership with Virtual Incentives as our company and incentive needs continue to expand.”

About Virtual Incentives Virtual Incentives, the leading provider of Visa® reward cards, Visa® Virtual and eGift cards, provides corporate incentive solutions for consumer promotions, employee and loyalty programs, market research, and more. VI simplifies the order and delivery process in a way that is secure, cost-effective, flexible and completely customizable. With VI, rewards can be delivered globally, and superior customer service is provided to both clients and reward recipients. @VirtualRewards

About Gongos, Inc. Gongos, Inc. is a decision intelligence company. Every organization has the capacity to gain and apply wisdom that inspires great consumer-minded decision making. Gongos, Inc. helps build that capacity. By combining information, deep thinking and an innate courage to push the boundaries of what’s next, Gongos, Inc. inspires you to boldly and confidently move forward and thrive. / @_gongos

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