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Great Moments in the History of Waiting*

Patience is overrated as a virtue. No one likes to wait. There’s a Facebook page called I Hate Waiting that has over 65,000 ‘Likes’. Is anyone surprised? I’m not. Have you ever wondered how much time you waste waiting? Timex did. People already spend too much time waiting, so why should your survey participants wait for their incentive?

With the technology that’s available today, there’s no reason to make them. Businesses are leveraging QR codes, NFC and augmented reality for a call to action that can be answered immediately instead of hoping the consumer remembers it when they get home. Market researchers can take advantage of that same technology to increase response rates.

Today, when people have to wait in line, for an appointment or to check out in a store, chances are pretty good that they’ll pull out a smartphone to kill some time. Internet access from mobile devices is increasing. According to Pew Research, 65% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online, and data from comScore showed that 55% of Internet usage comes from mobile devices. Market research surveys are likely to be completed on a mobile device as well. So why not give respondents a good reason to complete your survey – right then?

You can offer survey participants a completely virtual incentive. They’re already on their mobile device, so chances are they’re not at home. Let them collect their reward and go shopping immediately.

*There are no Great Moments in the History of Waiting. No one likes to wait. People wantinstant gratification. So why not offer it?

When you’re thinking about designing an incentive program for your next research project, consider partnering with Virtual Incentives. We help market researchers with a simple, cost effective and highly efficient method to deliver survey incentives. Our reward solutions help to increase respondent engagement and satisfaction levels by delivering a flexible incentive that fits into anyone’s lifestyle.

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