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Now is the perfect time to think about results-driven incentives for all your survey respondents.

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‘Tis the season to get ahead of the rush.


Virtual Incentives has a wide range of incentives and delivery options so you can reward the way you want, when you want. And we handle all the logistics ­­— from management to fulfillment — so you can focus on the spirit of the upcoming season.


Incentives that work hard, so you can get the data you need.


  • Virtual rewards provide instant gratification, they’re redeemable online and can be delivered straight to respondents’ smartphones.
  • Physical gift cards are a tangible option for participants who want to hold their incentive in the palm of their hand.
  • Use our Vi NOW portal to control distribution, manage orders and track incentive activity all in one place.
  • Deliver branded incentives with our customization feature and personalize each reward for every survey respondent.

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