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How a recognition program let a retailer reward employees based on sales


  • 11% of today’s workforce demonstrates a very strong commitment to their organization
  • 13% are actively non-engaged putting in a minimal effort
  • 76% are “up for grabs” (source: Corporate Leadership Council (CLC))

These fact may or may not surprise you. But, did you know that, with recognition, motivation and engagement, the CLC says these figures can change by as much as 20% among all three groups? That’s what an electronics retailer found out when they engaged Virtual Incentives for an employee rewards and employee recognition program with their sales people based on performance versus sales quota. The electronics retailer used Virtual Incentives proprietary technology, BuyerZone, an innovative API that integrates prepaid Visa and MasterCard order fulfillment platform to your application, loyalty platform, procurement system or, in the case of this electronics retailer, sales performance data. For this electronic retailer, here’s how the Virtual Incentive’s employee reward program using the BuyerZone increased employee engagement through rewards that could be correlated to sales.

  • Rewards were automatically delivered by email at the end of a sales cycle
  • Reward values were automatically determined and individually customized with individual sales performance data
  • Rewards could be used instantly whereever Visa and MasterCard are accepted which is virtually everywhere
  • Rewards were given by email although an employee could opt for a physical card as well
  • Reward amounts could be deposited directly into an employee’s bank account too

BuyerZone also has analytics to easily track and monitor use of the rewards by employees. This gave the employer a road map to optimize the program for the next time. Because, with the BuyerZone, they could monitor and track redemption of the rewards by employees. They could see who, when, where, what and how the rewards were used by employees. This enabled them to put this learning to use to improve upon the program for the next sales cycle. Do you want to increase employee engagement by up to 20%? Do you want to correlate that engagement with increased sales? Are you interested in learning more about how an employee recognition programs with Virtual Incentives using the BuyerZone can get you there?

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