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Instant Issue 2.0 is here.

Instant Issue 2.0 infuses our best-in-class cloud-based incentive platform and packs on the power to reward your participants with physical cards – how and when you want. Reward in the moment, without the stress of predicting your future inventory or lost or stolen cards. By pre-ordering blank gift cards in bulk, the power is in your hands to reward only when you need to. Activate and assign a monetary value through our Vi NOW platform and get rewarding.


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How it Works — 7 Easy Steps

  1. Use our API or Vi NOW portal to order bulk physical gift cards in whatever quantity you need.
  2. Physical gift cards will be shipped to your locations via Overnight shipping. You can even have the cards branded for your company or campaign.
  3. Each card holds no monetary value until you activate it. You get to decide what value to assign each card when the time comes. This allows for on-the-spot flexibility should additional value need to be added to respondent payouts.
  4. When it’s time to reward your respondents, go to our secure online portal and enter the cardholder information as well as the amount to be loaded onto the card.
  5. The card is instantly activated.
  6. Cards can be loaded and activated individually or in bulk.
  7. If deactivation is necessary, you can also do this individually or in bulk.

Transaction information is stored within your Vi NOW account or API endpoints, which you can track and manage in real-time. All you need to do is reap the benefits that come with instant, on-the-spot rewards.

And that’s just the beginning. Learn more about how our benefits go way beyond convenience when you download our salesheet.

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