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KBIS – Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2018

Last week Virtual Incentives had the chance to attend this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the NAHB IBS show in Orlando Florida. It offered up the opportunity for us to meet with customers and discuss ways organizations are utilizing incentives. Below are some of the highlights of what we learned.

Incentives and Rewards are top of mind for manufacturers attending the shows. Finding better ways to spiff their distribution partners, sales teams, builders, and designers with fast, personalized, and branded rewards is necessary as brands work to gain greater market share. Rewarding customers is also top of mind and providing rewards that have a great user experience is key.

Innovation and Integration will be a priority for renovations and new builds going forward. Many brands are launching new products that are not only energy efficient, but are able to be linked and managed to their additional smart home and IOT based products. Several brands are exploring ways to not only introduce these new features to customers and distributors but also incentivize them to utilize multiple products from their brand. It won’t be long before our kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are all able to communicate to make life easier.

Another question we came across often with brands at the show was “how do we keep ourselves top of mind with all of the people in our distribution chain?” Brands are continuously looking for ways to remain relevant starting at the distribution level and ending with the end consumer. Providing relevant messaging and rewards to the distributors, sales reps, designers, builders, installers, contractors, and consumers is a challenge. Not only because they are all working off different systems, but also because collecting data to message and reward those links in the distribution chain present its own challenge. A common notion that resonated with brands across the show was that all an incentive provider needs in order to issue a reward is an email address, name and reward type.

All said, it was three days filled with amazing displays and creative designs. As important there was a great deal of amazing people to network with and learn from.


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