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Our full-service platform is built to deliver. Explore the tools that can reward instantly to anyone on any device.

Looking for a magic formula for a successful rewards program? Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. Each program has a unique objective and should be custom built to achieve it. The Virtual Incentives platform gives you a toolbox packed with powerful and flexible tools that we can configure into various solutions that work for your business. (Plus we have a great team that can answer any questions you might have here.)

Check out our rundown below to get a better idea of our tools and how they can  work together:


An all-in-one fulfillment portal where you can order, manage and track your rewards program.

Think of Vi NOW as a ‘mission control’ for accessing your entire order and program history. Order individual or bulk rewards right in the portal, or schedule future gift card orders — the sky’s the limit. Enable hundreds of users and set individual permissions for each of them. Then earn volume discounts on qualifying orders. Who doesn’t like getting rewarded for rewarding?


A cloud-based delivery tool that lets you instantly reward straight from any device.

Trying to predict inventory and reward preferences can be a challenge, and expired rewards are, well, ineffective. So, do yourself a favor and reward in the moment from any location, on any device. Pick from any of our product lines, customize them to fit your brand and track multiple buyers with unique budgets — all in the blink of an eye.


An easily-integrated system built to seamlessly deliver rewards to thousands of recipients.

Deliver digital gift cards immediately and automatically without having to lift a finger. Integrating with the Virtual Incentives API is as simple as plug-and-play, and you won’t be sacrificing quality for simplicity. You can still add that personal touch to rewards and messages for each recipient, and then track your program’s success. It’s easy, flexible and all-encompassing — what’s not to like?


To learn more about our platform, visit us here or get started if you’re ready to dive in.

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