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Management Platform

Order, send, track and manage rewards with Vi Now, our enterprise-class management portal.

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Our Easy-to-Navigate Platform Includes:

User Creation

Set platform permissions and security preferences, including two-factor authentication, IP blocking, and password rules.

Recipient Support

Deliver the best customer experience on our platform that allows you to easily monitor your reward programs and respond to recipient questions.

Order Management

Select which reward programs to run, the type of product, and how you’d like your order shipped – whether in bulk or individually.

Reporting & Analytics

Track your program funding balances and how much you’ve issued in rewards.

Seamless Integrations

How It Works

Streamline your program with a full suite of rewards management features through our API integration. Choose from two options:

  • Rest API: Your development team can fully-integrate all of the features of Vi’s rewards management portal into your existing site.
  • Batch API: Importing a CSV file through our Batch API will save you time and resources with automatic updates.

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We are very pleased with our selection of Virtual Incentives as exclusive rewards supplier for DTE and have already begun looking at new ways to leverage their comprehensive solution to promote and support our different strategic initiatives.

Jeff Robinson, CEO

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