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Respondent Experience: Vital to Your Market Research Outreach?

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A few weeks ago, market research industry leader Greenbook published its quarterly GRIT report on the state of the industry. We know the market research industry changes at rapid speed, and keeping on top of trends is at the forefront for most of us. If you reviewed the report, you probably saw some industry buzzwords that keep popping up – automation, artificial intelligence, non-traditional data sources and more. As a market researcher, you know that all these things can provide you with faster, more complete insights. But how to get the data in the first place? Your research respondent relationship. As the GRIT report indicates, the respondent experience matters – but not many researchers understand that. The report asks a vital question: “If we view participants as a critical piece in successful research projects, shouldn’t we be more concerned with their experience?” Indeed, this makes good sense. The GRIT report indicates that most researchers put the respondent experience ball firmly in the court of the sample company. Yet, sample companies generally have little to no control over actual user experience. As a researcher, you need to care for and nurture these respondent relationships and their experiences because that is where you garner the majority of your data. The report says: “The technology and tools our industry has developed over the past few years allows us to get closer to consumers in many interesting ways. We should capitalize on that and bring the participant experience to the forefront.” One of our core goals in the market research industry is increasing respondent engagement and improving their experience in order to ultimately allow our clients to gain better insights. That’s why we’re exploring this topic further in an upcoming study on respondent experience and the use of incentives. We partnered with some heavy hitters in the market research space, including Greenbook (publisher of the GRIT report), Toluna, Research Now, SSI and more, to dig in and find out what really matters to your respondents and how to keep their experiences and engagements top notch.

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