Fortune stores; Established in the Egyptian market since 1997, Fortune stores are one of the leading retailers in the field of perfumes, makeup and skin care. Powered by its vast experience in beauty & knowledge of client needs, Fortune offers professional and outstanding service and consultancy to create a unique experience for each client. Fortune….your world of beauty. Clarins Institute; one of the main pillars at Fortune stores for enhancing the experience of their valued clients. Clarins institute treatments, powered by Clarins products with exclusive formulae, are designed to promote and preserve beauty and well-being for all ages. For people longing to care for and unleash their beauty, Clarins institute is the place to be. Fortune Passport; customer loyalty program launched in 2003 as a sign of gratitude to Fortune loyal clients. Using this passport, Fortune loyal customers enjoy special discounts, services & products and further indulge in Fortune's unforgettable experience”.






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