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SampleCon Does it again in the Big Easy

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One of our favorite shows to kick off each year with is SampleCon, a gathering of leaders in the survey sampling industry. Not only was the weather perfect (many of us are wishing for that right now!), but discussions at the show were interesting and informative. As always, we like to sum up the conferences we attend with a “sampling” of tweets from the show.

The Tweets

@Samplecon We now live in a technology-driven economy – it has changed how we communicate, eat, talk, travel and even argue. #samplecon @AlphaOnDemand @Paradigm_Sample Don’t miss moderator @sima_vasa & her esteemed panelists discuss the future of #sample at the #GreatSampleDebate at @Samplecon in #Nola ‏ ‏@StevieDanziger Sima Vasa’s burning question – is it relevant anymore to define how a person opts into the survey experience? #Samplecon #GreatSampleDebate ‏@AddedValueGroup The key is to find a controlled risk way to prioritize the respondent says @KirchnerJeff @AddedValueGroup #sampleCon #mrx #greatsampledebate ‏@Samplecon breaking down the walls and increasing integration to drive larger scale will allow us all to win @CintGroup @RichardThornton #samplecon ‏@allanfromen Language is far more ambiguous than we realize. #mrx #Samplecon #psychology ‏@MyBears34 NOLA proteins: turtle, rabbit, oysters, crab, salmon, alligator & gulf fish. I think I ate an entire bay of Noah’s Arc. Happy. #Samplecon ‏@Jax_Rosales Behavioral data should be at the core of sample business – it’s not just about digital combined with survey says Simon @wakoopa #samplecon ‏@BaillieForGood “Fix your mindset, make a decision, pivot as needed” @jax_rosales #Samplecon @Wunderman When it comes to airline data, @jacquesvan says luggage is “the great equalizer.” Everyone waits for their bags the same way. #samplecon ‏@LightspeedGMI #Mobile will allow #mrx to reach the right people at right time. Mobile = better access to IDing people. #greatsampledebate @samplecon @Samplecon Feb 1 Congrats William Muckelroy, Lynx Research Consulting on winning the $100 gift card from @VirtualRewards for completing the #samplecon survey ‏@Samplecon Feb 1 Thank you for attending #samplecon 2017. We hope you learned, questioned & networked. Stay tuned for more on our 2018 location! #mrx #newMR Yes! We did learn, question and network. Thanks for another great conference SampleCon!

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