Integrate With Vi to Increase Survey Response Rates

When you need respondents – and lots of them – integrate with our API to send any quantity of incentives instantly and automatically. No delay. No manual entry required. Life-time support included.

As a market researcher, respondents are your lifeblood.

And you need enough of them to make your findings — and your client’s investment — worthwhile. While ideally you’d get high response rates without a survey incentive, that’s just not a reality.

In fact, a recent study proves that nearly half of all survey respondents choose to participate in our survey only because of the promised reward or cash at the end. And their preferred reward option? A virtual card.

That’s why today incentives are now an integral part in almost every survey. Whether you’re polling existing customers, employees or the general public, it’s no secret that adding an incentive to your survey will drastically improve the number of respondents who complete it. Rewarding those willing to lend their insights with the right incentive means you’ll get better responses and more actionable data.

But don’t settle for the same incentive you’ve used for years just because it’s easy. It’s just as important to analyze your incentive strategy as it is the methods you use to collect data. An incentive that offers that kind of instant gratification, choice and control can increase both response rates and regard for your company.

Now is the time to explore new incentive options, and deliver rewards that are actually rewarding.

Our platform has the power to scale and deliver rewards in real-time. Integrating with our API allows you to customize bulk gift rewards to match your brand and personalize rewards for each recipient — all for free.

And because Vi has completely reinvented the incentive process, what used to be a “necessary evil” is now a value-add product for clients. With bulk orders, you even have the opportunity to turn a pass-through cost into an additional revenue stream.

That’s what we call rewarding. Ready to get started? Give us a call to find out how or complete the form in the upper right corner. Let’s see what we can build together.