Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent Requires the Right Rewards

It’s no secret, but finding and keeping the right talent is a daunting task. With the right engagement strategy in place, you’ll find it easier to attract and retain the best and brightest.

Attracting and maintaining the right talent doesn’t happen overnight.

And it often takes more than a competitive salary and benefits package to keep them around.

Creating a company culture that celebrates engaged, hard-working and motivated employees is a sure way to bring positive attention to your company. Plus, companies with a formal engagement strategy in place are 67% more likely to improve their revenue per full-time employee on a year-over-year basis.1

Your employees want to be recognized for their efforts. And they should be. Whether they are setting new sales records, handling a demanding clients= exceptionally well or just going above and beyond on a daily basis— a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way.

That little extra attention at the right moment might even be the difference down the road as other opportunities arise and your employees have to decide whether to stay or move on.

That’s where Virtual Incentives comes in. We’ve made rewarding your employees for their hard work possible in three simple steps:

  1. Build a rewards program with Vi custom-tailored to your incentivizing needs from start to finish.
  2. Select either a virtual or physical gift card and send it their way instantly, from any device.
  3. Employees can claim their reward and use it immediately online — all from their smartphone.

And because each employee is unique, you can give them the ultimate power of choice with access to our Visa®, MasterCard® and Amazon partnerships, as well as digital gift cards to more than 600 brands worldwide.

And no matter what program you’ve implemented, our promise is that the Vi platform has the tools you need to easily order, track and report on the reward you’re sending.

The result? A more engaged and experienced workforce with employees that stay longer and invest in the success of your business as well as their personal development.

Ready to brainstorm a few ideas for a better retention strategy? We’d love to help out. Fill out the Get Started form to get in touch with one of our sales reps and let’s talk about building a custom program for you today.



5. Aberdeen, The Role of Engagement in Performance Management, September 2016