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Use Employee Rewards to Boost Engagement and Your Bottom Line

With the right reward at the right time, turn the biggest expense on your P&L sheet into your biggest asset.

Engaged employees are the single most important factor to a successful business.

Engaged employees are the single most important factor to a successful business.

Nearly nine in ten executives rated engagement as an important or very important priority for their companies. We agree it’s important. But do you have a strategy in place to truly move the needle?1

Engaged employees are more productive, they’re happier and they stay longer. Need more proof? Engaged teams outperform their peers by an average 20% in sales and 10% in customer engagement, making it a worthy pursuit.

Because they feel valued they are invested in their own work, their teammates and the company’s overall success collectively improves. So how can you flip the switch and turn engagement on?

It’s all about finding ways to say thank you. Recognize their hard work. Acknowledge their wins – big and small. And do it all in ways that matter to them.

Some prefer a raise. Others, more responsibility. Gone are the days when you can offer the same reward to unique employees who all prefer to be recognized in different ways.

At Vi, we make it easy to say “thanks.” Use these tools to ensure every employee has the reward they really want:

  1. GiftCard PASS
  2. Visa® Virtual Rewards and Virtual MasterCard®
  3. The entire Vi Platform, including our cloud-based delivery tool — Instant Issue


1.Source: Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends 2016, February 2016

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