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Sending payouts to your survey respondents can be time consuming, clunky and a lot of work.



Virtual Incentives has built award-winning integrations for AlidaConfirmit, Decipher, Select Survey. and Qualtrics, Allowing you to quickly, easily, and with little effort, send payouts to your survey respondents.


Key Benefits:

One snippet of code means instant payments and automation
Robust payout options 1050+ gift card brands, Visa, Bank Deposit, send the incentives they want
Global Coverage, 51 countries and 43 currencies.
Engage better, send payouts through automation
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"The Virtual Incentive platform easily integrated with our Confirmit Panel and this was a huge win for us. Our VI team is very helpful and set on fulfilling our needs. They worked side by side with us during the integration, ensuring everything went smoothly from start to finish."

Jennifer Schmidt , Director of Online Research, SSRS

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