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As quantitative insights moves online, the traditional payout of a Physical Visa Card does not match the modality of the digital focus group.



Deliver an instantaneous digital payout that the online focus group participant wants, utilizing GiftCard PASS offer. GiftCard PASS gives the recipient the ability to choose the egiftcard brand they want from a selection of egiftcards. The choice is theirs.


Key Benefits:

Via an API connection online focus group managers can make instant incentive payouts.
Automation improves customer experience.
Global Coverage, 51 countries and 43 currencies.
Give the incentives the participant wants.
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"Virtual Incentives offers a great variety of rewards and for us, it is a one-stop-shop for all our business needs. The VI Platform is the tool we are using for managing our incentive rewards and we find it to be very user-friendly and fully-secure."

Manjunath Nath , MPanels

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