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Virtual Incentives API: A Research Solution for FocusVision

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The market research industry has been undergoing a sea change over the past decade. Functions of the research process are coming out of siloes; technology companies are turning to automation to save time; and, as always, the quest for data quality and respondent engagement continue. FocusVision is a leader in bringing disparate parts of the research continuum together to create a seamless process for its clients, while optimizing the respondent experience. Recently, the company was seeking a reward and incentive option that would integrate easily and intuitively into its client-facing portal, Knowledge Base, offering the option to effortlessly reward respondents. They turned to Virtual Incentives for our gift card API, which provides a complete solution from company-side program development all the way to private, secure, instant incentive delivery. By integrating our API into their Knowledge Base, FocusVision’s Decipher clients can now:

  • Scale incentive programs easily based on sample size
  • Deliver research rewards in real time, on the respondent platform of choice without manual input
  • Garner advanced reporting and security
  • Provide instant personalization to boost relevancy and engagement

One of the things that drives our company and culture at Virtual Incentives is keeping a close watch on new technologies and trends, and seeing how we can integrate them to better serve our clients. Our API is a result. According to an article on Tech Crunch, the rise of the API is “fundamentally changing the dynamics of how software is created and brought to market.” It is a simple, fast, efficient way to integrate advanced, highly specialized, technology into existing systems without any fuss. Our API offers greater efficiencies from initial implementation through personalized reward delivery.

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