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Virtual Visa® Reward from Virtual Incentives Modernizes Incentive Card Delivery

Last week, we published a press release on how our signature product, Virtual Visa® Reward, is modernizing incentive card delivery. Here is the release: Virtual Incentives, the market technology leader in prepaid solutions, has launched the most flexible and robust Virtual Visa® Reward. Virtual Visa Reward is delivered instantly via email and can be spent online, mail order or phone wherever Visa is accepted. Recipients also have the option to have a physical card sent directly to their home or transfer their balance to their bank account. “We’re pleased to be able to respond to clients who are seeking a faster and less expensive way to deliver rewards. Our solution actually combines all of the benefits of checks and physical cards with a much faster, custom experience.” said Jonathan Price, CEO at Virtual Incentives. Virtual Visa Reward from Virtual Incentives gives them the most ways to reward their customers:

  • CUSTOM BRANDED COMMUNICATIONS: Branded and customized to a company’s specifications and standards, the Virtual Visa Reward delivery and supporting website allows a brand to maximize its promotional investment and brand visibility.
  • INSTANT GRATIFICATION: Virtual Visa Reward may be delivered instantly and recipients can shop online anywhere Visa is accepted which is most everywhere.
  • GO-GREEN: It’s a good reflection on a company to know their reward is environmentally friendly.
  • PHYSICAL CARD: If customers want the option or security of a physical card, they can have it, easily, sent to their homes
  • DEPOSIT DIRECTLY TO THE BANK ACCOUNT. There is even the option for the recipient to transfer an incentive or reward to their bank account.

“Virtual Visa Rewards allow a recipient to engage with the brand and provide a much more personal reward experience.” said Jonathan Price, CEO at Virtual Incentives. More than 500 Virtual Incentives corporate clients are currently using the Virtual Visa platform. To learn more about how Virtual Visa Reward can help your company better manage its incentive programs, contact About Virtual Incentives: Virtual Incentives is the perfectly simple, prepaid solution that allows businesses to connect with their most valuable employees, customers, and partners in ways never before possible.

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