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Want to “go green” with your business? Start with your employee incentive program.

As companies continue to adopt the use of prepaid gift cards to incentivize employees and reward loyalty, the environmental cost of plastic cards is being realized. A recent study found that 56 percent of companies use gift cards to incentivize their employees and reward loyal customers. With more than six billion plastic cards produced each year and the use of incentive gift cards on the rise, it’s resulted in a couple of changes. Employees and customers are happier. The environment, not so much. Employees are happier. That’s great! Companies providing incentives via gift cards are quite pleased as well. Sixty-nine percent of companies surveyed reported the cards are more effective than cash in motivating and rewarding. These companies have created an incentive program that works and the benefits of gift card incentives are being realized. Success! As for the environmental impact, there’s a simple solution. Incentivizing with gift cards doesn’t have to mean plastic. Virtual gift cards offer a “go green” friendly alternative and provide numerous benefits over their plastic counterpart. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Delivered instantly via email
  • Branded with company or program creative
  • Encourages more engagement and social sharing
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

In addition to these benefits, companies are able to demonstrate their commitment to “go green” and encourage employees to do the same. This makes for a smarter incentive program and happier employees and customers. Win-win! So, “go green” with confidence knowing you’ll be making the environment, yourself, your employees and customers happier in the process.

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