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What FinTech means in today’s financial services industry

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Let’s Talk Payments (LTP) is a site that is helping to define what FinTech means in today’s financial services industry. LTP keeps tabs on this rapidly evolving space by publishing leading research and content, such as guest interviews and articles. They recently approached us for an interview with Jonathan Price, our CEO, to get some insights on what innovation really means in his own company. Jonathan, who recently won an international award in the CEO Award program for innovation, weighed in on what this concept means in the rewards and incentives industry. When asked about the competitive landscape for Virtual Incentives, Jonathan had this to say: “There’s no one in the space who is doing incentives the same way that we are, with highly nimble, forward-facing technology innovation that puts the recipient at the heart of the process. Our market, and therefore, the competitive landscape, continues to evolve as our target market for incentives is so vast. Not only does it include those companies who are tech-forward and want to utilize our platform, it includes all those who are still issuing rewards in traditional ways such as paper checks and plastic cards but are now looking for ways technology can help them save money, streamline delivery and ordering, and integrate with their own systems.” The full interview with Let’s Talk Payments can be found here:

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