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Where Do Gift Cards Go To Die?

Virtual Incentives recently relocated its Atlanta office to Senoia, GA. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead on AMC, you might know a little something about Senoia. We’re simply overrun with zombies lately…after all, Halloween is right around the corner.

We’re now located right above The Walking Dead gift shop. If you’re planning a pilgrimage, the shop will probably be one of your stops. We hope you’ll come upstairs and say hello!

So, it’s obvious that Senoia is where people go after they expire. Working in this atmosphere has initiated an interesting discussion in our office. Where do gift cards go to die?

What can you do with an expired gift card? When someone gives you, for instance, an iTunes gift card, you simply credit your account. Then what do you do with the original, physical card? I know that some environmentally minded people recycle them.

My wife and I use them to make guitar picks. Last night, as I was cutting one up to make some new ones, I started to wonder what else you could use do with them. Someone suggested that you could use expired cards as drinks coasters, but I can’t believe they’re very absorbent. So, I Googled it.

And you know what? Turns out there are some very creative people out there! At, Yumi Sakugawa offers some practical suggestions.

Or perhaps you like to do arts and crafts? You can use expired cards to make earrings, abracelet, a necklace or even a ring! Maybe you need a wreath for the holidays, or a caddy for your headphones that can double as a cable shortener. You could make a pretty mosaic, a luggage tag or even an itty-bitty journal cover!

Do you need a new keychain or a unique paper clip? If your unused gift cards have really been piling up, you can always make a checkerboard.

I think my wife will be thrilled with her new earrings. After all, how many guitar picks do we really need?

Of course, if you don’t know if your recipients are craft inspired, or you just want to choose a ‘Green’ alternative for your next reward or incentive program, just give us a call – we have plenty of options that never expire!

So, what’s the scariest thing about delivering survey incentives?

  1. Picking the wrong incentive
  2. Going over budget
  3. The hassles of shipping
  4. An inability to include my branding/messaging
  5. Being eaten by zombies

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