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Engage & Motivate Employees

  • Recognize employee achivements and keep top talent motivated
  • Establish employee wellness programs and set up sales performance incentives funds
  • Strengthen company culture and improve employee retention rates

Rewards and recognition are key strategies used by organizations to boost sales perfomance and hence, generate increased revenue. Research has shown that, incentives provide motivation.

– Institute for Human Resources

Turn Customers into Brand Advocates

  • Provide instant rewards to members of a consumer promotion program
  • Improve customer retention and attract new customers
  • Inspire your most dependable customers to become strong brand promoters

We are very pleased with our selection of Virtual Incentives as exclusive rewards supplier for DTE and have already begun looking at new ways to leverage their comprehensive solution to promote and support our different strategic initiatives.

Eric Pokriefka, Manager

Recruit Valuable Research Participants

  • Increase survey response rates and participation with rewards that are accessible in survey
  • Get better insights and more actionable data from engaged participants
  • Recruit relevant focus group participants or survey respondents that meet your demographic needs

Respondents are the lifeblood of research, and Virtual Incentives delivers the best possible platform to keep them engaged and happy with relevant incentive options on a global scale.

Leonard Murphy, Editor-in-Chief

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