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Why digital customer service is important today

Like many things, consumer customer service has gone digital. The old methods – telephone calls, for example – have given way to newer technology, like email, smartphones and live chat. Today, offering help, interacting with consumers and a wide range of other customer-service related tasks take place through digital mediums. A business that can incorporate digital technologies into their existing strategies will be much better off, plus they’ll have a way to make customers and employees happy.

“Customer service has entered the digital age.”

Stay connected, stay involved The key to digital customer service is to be as connected as possible. Timeliness is critical today, and customers will expect to have their questions heard and answered quickly. Most importantly, businesses that have an online product – like a marketing incentives program – need to have the support of digital customer service. “Technology gives [businesses] the ability to correspond with customers more efficiently, and companies – especially startups – need to take advantage of the tools they have to communicate with customers,” John Joseph, co-founder of data solutions provider DataGravity, told Business News Daily. Today, most consumers prefer digital communication methods, especially for their customer-service needs. Where once a phone call was the answer, now it is email, live chat or text message. Companies that can provide this will immediately have a way to offer additional value to consumers. Digital customer service is easier, more reliable. Given the availability and effectiveness of technology, digital customer service is an ideal method to connect with consumers. It makes for easier communication, plus it is a more reliable option to gather important information like feedback and complaints and then use that data to improve the product. Making a strong, lasting first impression is both important and easier through digital means. It is also harder to get a second chance in customer service – once a consumer has a negative experience, they’ll use the same digital tools they used to connect with your business as a way to spread the word. So how can you adapt your business to digital customer service? By staying connected, getting involved and using technology to your advantage.

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