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Why do quality businesses struggle with employee survey participation?

A high employee survey participation rate isn’t the hallmark of a quality business. In fact, even objectively successful companies can struggle to get workers to fill out important questionnaires, and this can come back to be a legitimate problem down the line. The trick for skilled employers is to find a way to elevate their employee participation rate. There are a couple of ways to pull that off, and one is to first look at why quality businesses struggle to get their surveys noticed.

“No participation? Increase your rewards to improve your results.”

Employers overlook value of communication A key reason why surveys fail is a lack of communication, which is a bit ironic given that one goal of the survey itself is to increase communication between management and the employee base. Even so, the team behind the survey often overlooks the input from the company’s leadership. Talking to executives should be the first step behind any initiative. If senior managers back the survey, they’ll be more inclined to promote it among their staff and make sure other managers are in support as well.

Employers don’t talk to their team

If you don’t have anything nice to say, you might as well not say anything at all, right? This is the mentality brought by many employees into a company survey. As a result, a lot skip participation altogether. Of course, that can be avoided if employers actually talk to their team. You should find out why your workers are either taking or avoiding surveys. Ask if they are too busy or simply don’t care. Learn what motivates them. This will ensure that you have a strong participation rate the next time around.

Employers don’t offer rewards

Then, perhaps most importantly, you need to incentivize your employee surveys. Completing the poll isn’t enough – your workers must have a tangible reward at the end of the process. One of the best ways to do this is through gift card promotions. Completing a survey will mean employees receive an egift card in their email. You have the option to offer one specific type of reward – like an Gift Card – or increase flexibility, either by giving the employees the choice of eGift Card brand or by offering a Visa® virtual account. This customized feel is often all the motivation needed to boost employee survey participation rates.

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