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The rewards and incentives market is evolving.
With Virtual Incentives, you're leading the way.

Visa® virtual account in less than 90 seconds.

Visa® virtual account in less than 90 seconds.

Why make your customer wait by the mailbox? Instantly deliver Visa virtual accounts by email. Recipients collect their reward immediately to shop online when they want, where they want. That’s what we call instant gratification.

Extend your brand

Extend your brand and personal engagement.

Personalize, customize and engage. Send a personalized email and reward with the Visa virtual account. A secure link leads the recipient to your customized landing page where they choose how they want to be rewarded.

Hooked on Plastic?

Hooked on Plastic?

Let’s call this a professional intervention.

Virtual prepaid incentives are remarkably cheaper than traditional plastic rewards, and custom built for your recipients. Kick the plastic habit.

Not convinced? Learn how you can combine virtual delivery with plastic cards to have the best of both.

  Need Convincing?
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Virtual Prepaid or Traditional Plastic?

Give Instant Rewards. Get Lasting Loyalty.

  Our Clients 

  • Our Clients: AT&T, BMW, Bovitz Research Group, Coca-Cola
  • Our Clients: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Google, Heinz, Hewlett-Packard
  • Our Clients: Logitech, Market Vibes, Nielsen, Staples

How to Choose a Prepaid Rewards Provider

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The Virtual Incentives API: Perfect Prepaid Solution

The Virtual Incentives API: Perfect Prepaid Solution