Where Rewards and
Technology Meet

Before Virtual Incentives revolutionized the market, the typical reward experience was far from satisfactory. Despite rapid technological advancements, delivering virtual rewards was a cumbersome and inefficient process, often leading to audience disengagement. A growing gap emerged between consumer expectations and what brands could deliver.

Recognizing this disconnect, VI founders James Gary and Jonathan Price leveraged their combined expertise in the incentives industry and technology sector to create a groundbreaking solution. They developed the first-ever virtual rewards platform, offering a seamless, customizable experience.

Virtual Incentives has transformed the reward payment landscape with its state-of-the-art API and a customer-centric approach. Our full-service platform and API technology now effortlessly provide instant incentives, payouts, and digital gift cards. With an extensive range of options including virtual Visa®, MasterCard®, and global eGiftCards, we empower our clients to meet their audiences’ desires promptly.

What began as an innovative blend of rewards and technology has swiftly evolved into a globally trusted partner. Through our VI platform, we distribute millions of rewards annually to industry leaders, including over forty Fortune 100 companies, establishing a new standard in reward solutions.

In 2012, Virtual Incentives was founded with the goal of addressing a significant industry shortfall. We observed that brands struggled to effectively reward their customers, employees, and research respondents, as the existing models were outdated and lacked appeal.

Our mission is dual-focused: firstly, to streamline the process for our clients, enabling them to efficiently distribute payouts, incentives, or rewards globally to their customers or employees; and secondly, to assist our clients in gaining deeper insights into their customer and employee behaviors and preferences, to help them to drive higher levels of engagement.