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Rewards faster than you can say, well, anything

The Virtual Incentives API is an integral part of our complete rewards platform, which provides a complete solution from company-side program development all the way to private, secure, instant reward delivery. API integration helps you implement your application, loyalty platform, survey software or procurement system directly with us to deliver customized and personalized rewards instantly, in real time.

api integration

Use with:

  • Loyalty platforms using points systems
  • Instant reward promotions
  • Sweepstakes programs
  • Procurement systems

Specific benefits:

  • Cost and time savings for project managers and programs
  • Loyalty programs can work seamlessly, allowing participants to redeem points for instant rewards wherever and whenever
  • Reporting access to help hone program approach and recipient experience
  • Highly scalable technology allows you to run projects of any size or complexity easily

Use with:

  • Survey Platforms
  • Digital Qualitative Programs
  • Panels
  • Online Research Communities

Specific benefits:

  • Easy to set-up to work seamlessly with research technology
  • Allows a smooth process of “research to reward” without pause
  • Enhanced security helps ensure rewards are distributed properly
  • Automation saves time and money both in-house and for your client

Use with:

  • Employee wellness programs and initiatives
  • Sales performance incentives funds (SPIFs)
  • HR Reward initiatives

Specific benefits:

  • Support company brand and messaging with internal audience
  • Instant reward delivery, with employee customization available
  • Take onus of time off individual members of the HR team / other internal teams by automating the process
  • Highly scalable technology allows you to run projects of any size or complexity easily

Make your consumer promotion, market research or employee engagement program work seamlessly for you by integrating with our API - reach out to learn more.

“The usability offered by the Virtual Incentives e-gift card program and the flexibility of the ordering API has allowed our incentive based business to grow exponentially.”

Logan Dybdahl

Logan DybdahlManager of Client Services - AutoHook powered by Urban Science

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