VI Now

A more rewarding way to manage your rewards

Virtual Incentives’ VI Now (formerly BuyerZone) is an enterprise level order fulfillment and management portal that provides your finance, support and IT teams access and visibility into order and program history. All users can easily order, manage and track all of your company’s incentive activity in one place and even earn volume discounts—rewards for your rewards.

VI Now Features

  • Easy setup and ordering.
  • Enable hundreds of company-wide users.
  • Order virtual or traditional plastic incentives.
  • Future order scheduling.
  • Track orders and view history.

Want reward management, ordering and fulfillment at your fingertips? Contact us to learn more.

“Integration with the Virtual Incentives platform was much easier than other systems we have tried in the marketplace–and VI staff is quickly available to help when needed. “

Kristian Burgwald

Kristian BurgwaldDirector of Client Relations - Partners for Incentives

Bulk and individual fulfillment available

Easy, streamlined access to your data

Achieve time and cost efficiencies

Create a seamless reward process