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order fulfillment

A simple API that integrates our prepaid Visa & MasterCard order fulfillment platform to your application, loyalty platform or procurement system.

The Virtual Incentives REST API enables your developers to easily connect their website, loyalty or reward platform or procurement system to the Virtual Incentives prepaid order fulfillment engine.

This makes order fulfillment dramatically more efficient and increases the speed of reward delivery, improving recipient satisfaction by speeding the fulfillment of orders.

Get more value out of your Loyalty and Reward Platform.


  • Real-time API built to serve incentive and reward delivery
  • Scalable to support large-scale consumer promotions
  • Order Virtual and Physical, Visa & MasterCard Products
  • Order Virtual and Physical, Brand name gift cards and egiftcards
  • Reliable, tested connectivity that requires minimal IT effort
  • Leverage Virtual Incentives' turnkey email delivery management
  • API accommodates multiple programs, products, customization and reporting
  • Nimble and talented staff to manage you custom product and process

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