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5 Ways Mobile is Changing Gift Card Incentives

Incentives are feeling the pull of consumers on the go. One of the things that we’ve always focused on as a company is incorporating technology and trends from outside our industry into our solutions for rewards and incentives. When mobile really started to take hold in all parts of life, we made sure that rewards weren’t left behind. We provide on-the-go solutions all the way from reward delivery to redemption. Mobile has truly changed our space more than any other innovation in decades. From physical delivery of a card, to email/desktop, and all the way to mobile, rewards and incentives need to meet recipients where they interact in order to have the desired impact. Our CEO Jonathan Price writes about this movement in a recent article published in Incentive Magazine. He says: “Trends, technologies and launches of mobile payment solutions receive a lot of attention from the media and consumers. A similar movement – though not as widely publicized – is happening within the rewards and incentives space. The development and delivery of rewards has shifted from the physical plastic card to instant digital delivery. Digital delivery now spans the consumer preferred platform, meeting reward recipients in the place of their choice, including mobile. What’s driving innovation in the mobile financial technology space – from mobile payments to mobile delivery of rewards and incentives? It all comes down to the demands of the target audience.” Reach more about the “5 Ways Mobile is Changing Gift Card Incentives” in the full article here.