Virtual Visa Rewards

7 Benefits of Virtual Visa Rewards That Your Brand Needs to Know About

Virtual Visa Reward Cards are a great way to reward or incentivize customers and employees. They give people a choice when it comes to receiving their incentives, rather than limiting the incentive to just one store or restaurant. But as a brand, you can still reap the benefits of using Visa rewards for your marketing research participant payments, employee incentives, and loyalty programs.

What You Should Know About Virtual Visa Reward Cards

Before we describe the benefits of doing so, let’s first examine what the Virtual Visa Reward Card is and how it works. Each prepaid Visa has a unique number and can be delivered instantly to a reward recipient via email. It can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted online and by phone.

What’s more, you can send Virtual Visa rewards instantly to 50+ countries across North America, the European Union, most of Latin America, and most of Asia Pacific, in either U.S. and Canadian currency!

Benefits of Using Virtual Visa Reward Cards

Beyond the fact that recipients no longer have to wait for a physical gift card to arrive in the mail, and that rewards can be securely delivered as well as redeemed instantly across the globe, there are additional benefits of the Virtual Visa Reward Card, some of which may surprise you:

  1. They’re Flexible
    Virtual Visa is a solution for any rewards scenario from consumer promotions and employee engagement to marketing research incentives and clinical trial payments. Plus, users can easily manage their account anywhere from a PC or mobile device.
  1. They’re Secure
    Although a Virtual Visa Reward Card works just like a plastic card, recipients can only spend what you load. Plus, Virtual Incentives’ state-of-the-art, secure technology platform helps safeguard your company and your recipient’s money. What’s more, instead of risking mail theft or online identity fraud, Virtual Visa Reward Cards allow recipients to pay without revealing any financial details.
  1. They’re Fast & Mobile
    No one likes to wait for a reward; at best it might give the recipient a less-than-optimal impression of your brand, and at worst, they may forget who sent it altogether when it finally arrives in the mail. Virtual Visa’s instant delivery and instant funding allow recipients to redeem right away. Plus, Virtual Visa Reward Cards are optimized across multiple devices for easy access, even on the go.
  1. You Can Customize Them to Fit Your Brand
    When you purchase Virtual Visa Reward Cards through Virtual Incentives, you can customize them to fit your brand’s visual identity as well as messaging, including subject lines, names, and product descriptions. You can also add calls to action to stay on-brand throughout the experience.
  1. They’re Environmentally Responsible
    With Virtual Visa Reward Cards, you’re keeping more plastic out of landfills, and through customizable messaging, you can let your recipients know they’re part of that effort.
  1. They Save You Money
    If your brand has an existing rewards or incentives program, Virtual Visa offers significant cost savings compared to traditional plastic cards, since there is no card production, packaging or shipping. This is an added bonus, as many consumers like to redeem rewards via email on mobile devices.
  1. We Make It Even Easier for You
    When you purchase through Virtual Incentives, you not only get all the features of a Virtual Visa Reward Card, but also our best-in-class customer service that includes tracking, reporting, and simple online ordering. Not to mention, a mobile-optimized user experience that’s seamless!

To learn more about Virtual Visa Reward Cards from VI, contact us today!