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Avoid the Market Research Domino Effect

The voice of the consumer holds a wealth of information for those who are still willing to listen.

That one sentence from a blog post by Bellomy Research’s Erick Whitaker perfectly summarizes why market research is invaluable to brands’ efforts to track consumer attitudes and preferences and inform the development of future products and services.

But the quality of the research data suffers if respondents find filling out a survey or participating in a focus group tedious and inconvenient. That’s why improving the respondent experience is a priority among the insight industry professionals Research Live polled on the biggest challenges they face.

“I worry about the poor survey experience for our respondents, who give up their valuable time,” says Andrew O’Connell, managing director UK, Dynata. “We need to remember that concentration is affected after 20 minutes – our respondents are not robots. Many have one poor survey experience and don’t come back for more. As an industry, we need to work at improving this.”

We live in a society that values and demands attention and engagement. Companies must compensate their research participants for their time in a frictionless, high-touch, secure, and mutually beneficial way. Just as important, when a brand delivers a great rewards payout experience, it gains the ability to continue asking participants to re-enter that social contract.

“Build on learning by re-engaging participants to ask follow-up questions,” says Digsite CEO Monika Wingate. “Newer qual + quant methods allow you to iterate on learning by inviting targeted participants to participate in qual follow-ups to drill deeper into the ‘whys’ and improve as you build.”

Virtual Incentives is the link that connects making the ask of consumers to delivering a positive reward experience.

“Respondents are the lifeblood of research, and Virtual Incentives delivers the best possible platform to keep them engaged and happy with relevant incentive options on a global scale,” says Leonard Murphy, Editor-in-Chief of Greenbook.

Adding a virtual reward designed to drive engagement to your survey increases response rates, decreases attrition, and boosts survey audience engagement.

Follow this link to learn how we can help you recruit relevant focus group participants or survey respondents that meet your demographic needs, incentivize their participation, and build relationships that will enable you to re-engage them in the future.