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Build on a Payment Platform Made for Innovation and Global Reach

By Ashley McCutcheon, Vice President of Product Development

Choice, convenience, and speed are three qualities of any successful fintech payment strategy. First, you need to give your recipients a wide variety of rewards and payment options, then get their payments quickly. The Virtual Incentives API makes it easy for you to achieve both. 

Over 100 customers have integrated to our API and added payments to their products and services, and you can do the same. Your developers can use our sandbox to instantly create and test cards and begin creating payments that recipients find valuable, engaging, and meaningful. 

The API performs the work of processing eGiftcards and prepaid virtual rewards in real-time. Still, it also enables you to customize the experience to stay on-brand with your organization. 

You can offer payments and rewards from more than 1,050 retailers, restaurants, and services, including, Apple, Best Buy, Starbucks, Tim Horton, Panera’s Spotify, Uber, Door Dash, and deliver payments in 51 countries and 43 currencies. You can view the entire content catalog here.

Our API tracks more than 40 data points from order placement to redemption and recipients’ feedback on their experiences. Having that information can make life easier for your colleagues in the marketing department. For example, knowing which adjacent product or service categories and brands your recipients prefer can help them align marketing program dollars to create more engaging experiences when they re-target those audiences in the future. 

We want to emphasize that choice, convenience, and speed should not come at the expense of security—our API interfaces with the financial systems of dozens of countries. We designed our technology with redundancy and failover, and it’s certified for PCI and SOC 1 and 2 to ensure rewards are delivered securely to the correct recipient every time.

Learn more about how you can use our API to power up your platform and instantly issue virtual rewards and payments.