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Canadian Visa Prepaid Rewards Gets Even Better

Reward Faster and Customize Easier with New Virtual and Physical Card Options

When it comes to rewards cards, Visa is considered by many the most popular choice because it can be spent anywhere Visa is accepted; which quite frankly, is almost everywhere! But now, it’s even better for both physical and virtual cards as well as those who reward in Canada, in Canadian Dollars.

Physical Visa Rewards

Not only can you fully customize your Visa card and the carrier it comes in to match your brand so you’ll stay top-of-mind with recipients, but with print on demand functionality now live, you’ll have even faster turnarounds for custom printing and in smaller quantities to boot!

Virtual Visa Rewards

It’s easier to make your brand stand out from other rewards with the ability to not only customize the card itself, but also the email recipients receive as well as the cardholder site they’re taken to in order to access their virtual Visa Reward Card.

Even More Benefits for Employee Incentives

If you’re a global company that needs to reward employees in a wide variety of countries and locations, you can now send Visa rewards in Canadian currency to more than 50 countries, for both physical and virtual cards!

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