Tmall Supermarket

Tmall online supermarket offers everyday essentials to customers. Anywhere, anytime, all your need in daily life is just a click…Read More →


Suning covers over 10,000 locations throughout China and ranks amongst the top three in China’s B2C ecommerce.


Starbucks inland first store, In January 1999, Starbucks opened its first store in mainland China at the China International Trade…Read More →

Jingdong officially entered the e-commerce field in 2004. In 2018, Jingdong Groups market transaction volume was close to 1.7 trillion…Read More →


Hema Supermarket is a subsidiary of Alibaba that sells fresh food. It has a network and physical stores. It focuses…Read More →


Wal-Mart entered China in 1996 and opened its first Wal-Mart shopping plaza and Sams member store in Shenzhen. After more…Read More →


Yonghui Supermarket is one of the first circulation enterprises in mainland China to introduce fresh agricultural products into modern supermarkets….Read More →

Gifti Global

Gifti Global card is the first global gift card that can be exchanged against any gift card in any currency…Read More →