Customers Love Visa Rewards. Here’s Why

It’s important to remember the mantra “the customer is always right” when deciding how to reward and incentivize your customers. Catering to their preferences is essential to creating a positive and engaging experience. We keep a close eye on consumer preferences and have seen a boom in the issuance of Visa rewards, including a 45 percent jump last year. Clearly consumers love Visa rewards, but why?

One word: flexibility.

Visa rewards aren’t restricted to a single merchant or brand, so recipients can redeem them virtually anywhere for any product or service they choose.They can decide if they want to splurge on guilt-free spending on items they have only dreamed of having or reserve it for practical use for things like medical or utility bills.

Visa rewards offer the same versatility as a Visa debit card. Blackhawk Network asked consumers, if presented an option, would they choose a prepaid card or cash? Their research study, “Gift cards vs. cash: the pros and cons of both,” revealed that 75% of consumers would choose a prepaid card. It is a viable option that is broadly accepted, easy to use, and is a great way for people to carry cash, without having it physically on them.

Visa’s flexibility benefits your company too, particularly when you’re trying to pick an incentive to issue to large groups of people participating in a research study. Why waste time and energy researching and debating rewards options when you can issue Visa rewards that you know the vast majority of recipients will be delighted to receive?

With VI, you can customize the reward to make your brand’s identity and message part of the reward. Personalize it with logos and custom messaging like community names, subject lines, member names, and even product descriptions.

Contact us today to learn more on how the positive customer experience with Visa rewards can benefit your next research study.