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Deliver Instant Relief at the Gas Pump

Over the last year, a trip to the gas station has gone from just another boring errand to run to an exercise in fighting anxiety. It’s easy to conclude that the rising interest in our FuelCard PASS directly correlates to high prices at pumps nationwide. 

FuelCard PASS is not just a means for issuing fuel cards. It enables you to create a highly personalized and engaging experience. It begins the moment your recipients receive their initial digital notifications and ends with the immense satisfaction they’ll feel using their fuel cards at the pump instead of their credit or debit cards.

The first step is the digital delivery of the reward that allows recipients to instantly select which fuel brand they want to receive. They can choose from 15 major brands like BP, Gulf, Shell, and Sunoco that have a combined 80,000+ gas stations all over the country. Once they make their selections, they will receive their ready-to-redeem physical cards in the mail. 

FuelCard PASS enables you to add your custom branding to personalize every step of the process. As is always the case when using the Virtual Incentives platform, you will receive data-driven insights that can help you increase survey response rates and participation, or inform future marketing campaigns.

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Follow this link to learn how using FuelCard PASS will relieve your target audiences of their stress at the gas station in the short-term, and help you build and nurture loyalty to your brand over the long-term.