Delivering Best-in-Class Client Service Begins on Day 1

The Virtual Incentives suite of API-delivered functionality makes it easy for companies to rapidly deliver payouts, incentives, and rewards to customers or employees anywhere in the world. But we aren’t just a mix of cutting-edge technology and detailed developer documentation, we are a team of trusted and experienced payments guides; executing and delivering value to you through our significant domain expertise, proven tools, and hardened processes.  

Embedding Payments is Complicated

Today’s consumer expects seamless, effortless, and engaging User Experience (UX.) Teams embedding payments into your customer’s journey are often left to simply access an API developer portal. They are asked to find their own way, often without direct payment domain knowledge – which isn’t a recipe for success. This is especially true for the critical act of making a payment. The process of embedding payments into the user journey is complicated and significant financial services and payment experience are a must. 

Embedding the VI platform’s payment functionality into your business’ user journey is easy enough on the surface. However, maximizing the value and engagement around the key point of payment delivery to your customer or employee requires nuanced guidance. Your VI partner team leverages significant domain expertise to always deliver a high-value and engaging experience to your users.  From day one, the VI team works in partnership with your team and guides them through our unique business objective-driven approach to onboarding and implementation. 


From implementation to launch, we use a combination of standardized, structured processes and bespoke, high-touch personal support to design a tailored rewards program with a laser focus on your goals throughout the relationship. We always listen and work together with your teams to deliver our platforms’ full feature sets while ensuring a seamless and on-brand experience for your key stakeholders. 

Building and Nurturing Long-Term Relationships

When our partnership is live, the Virtual Incentives Client Success team works every day as your financial technology guru to offer continued fine-tuning, advice, and guidance. The team’s priority and stated mission is to always deliver expertise and a premium client experience (CX) to our partners. 

We set ourselves apart from our competitors through technological innovation married with our tailored, consultative approach to delivering payments that always work for you and your stakeholders. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create engaging and seamless payment experiences that deliver maximum value.