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Virtual Incentives Continues Global Rewards Expansion in Latin America

Rewarding around the globe is what we do and why we’re so excited to announce the launch of 100+ branded e-gift cards in Latin America. Last month we announced our expansion to Brazil, and now, we offer new e-gift card brands in:

  •  Argentina
  • Chile
  • Columbia
  • Peru
  • Uruguay

Top Brands

FravegaPRUNECHIFA ExpressAdidas
Home ChicRAPSODIAImaginariumAme
IsadoraWadosMR SUSHI
LacosteColor AnimalPRUNEForever 21
MagherThe Urban Haus

Available through our reward and payment platform API, our payment options are localized for promotion, market research, employee recognition, or consumer loyalty programs. As we continue our global expansion, thousands of companies have grown to count on our global reach and our speed to launch capabilities.

Looking to explore additional brands we’ve launched for Latin America? Check our our Reward & Payment catalog for all your global options.