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IIeX Twitter Roundup

IIeX: Insight Innovation Exchange North America Twitter Roundup There are few conferences we attend that are as valuable as IIeX. The North American conference was held earlier this week in Atlanta, and our team was there in spades for networking, speaking and sharing. Our own Jacilyn Bennett shared on “The Power of Community: Building Connections for Engagement, Loyalty and More” during the first day of the conference. Twitter was buzzing with great feedback from attendees, sponsors and speakers – lots of innovative minds and great collaboration. Looking forward to the next one. Kendall Nash ‏@KendallNash: My brain is still recovering from a stimulating few days at #iiex. Well done @GreenBook @lennyism — kudos on a rocking event. Dave Carruthers ‏@DaveCarruthers: Proud of my awesome @voxpopme team, we had a great time at #iiex thanks as ever to @lennyism for a great show. Tom H C Anderson ‏@TomHCAnderson: Proud to announce that @OdinText ‘Making Data Science Accessible’ placed 2nd in Insight Innovation Competition @GreenBook #IIeX #IIEX2016 E-Tabs @etabsnews: Still a few tees & sweaters at our stand #iiex. Try spin2win like Jermaine from @VirtualRewards Adhil Patel ‏@Avataarkaap Enjoyable talk from @thebrainlady giving us 5 useful learnings from brain science around buying #IIEX #iiex2016 SentientDecisionSci ‏@SentientInsight: Instead of a quarterly read @Gatorade can now link to campaigns & understand how cultural traction is changing in specific time period #IIex Sarah B. Faulkner ‏@sarahbfaulkner: “Don’t think you can do business the exact same way next year and continue to grow.” Innovator’s Dilemma @RickWest01 @FieldAgentInc #iiex Demand Diversity ‏@LoveStats: This year is MASSIVELY the text analytics year. Ok, clients, get on board and use it. PAY for it. #IIeX Jen Bruce ‏@JenWBruce Listening to @sethgrimes at #iiex Atlanta speak about insights derived from social listening Thanks to @insightnovation and @greenbook for another conference that was well worth it!