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Marketing and the trend of instant gratification

An article by Punchbowl caught our attention and resonated because of a consumer trend we’ve noted and observe increasing. The demand for instant gratification is everywhere. Call me now, send it now, buy it now. Consumers expect to find the services, products, and information that they want quickly and easily. As stated in a survey by Real Simple magazine, 50% of women say they don’t have enough free time and 60% feel guilty for spending the free time they have on themselves. They don’t have the time to wait for around for the products and services they use, and with today’s technology, they simply don’t have to wait, so why should they? Instant gratification is an essential consumer trend that has placed a strong emphasis on immediacy for all brands, regardless of the industry.

Get It Now The convenience of online shopping saves time. Consumers don’t want brand inconsistencies between online shopping and visiting a physical store. Show you are listening to her problems and making her life easier by providing a variety of convenient, time-saving options. Consumers are also increasingly willing to pay extra for faster delivery and want choices when it comes to shipping.

Help Me Now Another way to provide instant gratification to your customers is through quality customer support. Prompt responses to customer questions or complaints, whether via email or a Facebook post on your company page, quickly provide customers with the satisfaction of at least knowing they were heard—even if you can’t instantly solve their problem. According to a Proctor & Gamble survey, moms get an average of just 26 minutes per day to themselves. The more time you save them when they have an issue or need something, the more loyal they will be to your brand. Instant gratification has and will continue to be popular among consumers.

Brands that offer the feeling of instant satisfaction through their marketing campaigns appeal directly to consumers’ desires and ensure you’re helping make their lives easier. Virtual Incentives provides solutions that help businesses connect with their most valuable consumer in ways never before possible. Thanks to our industry-leading customizable Virtual Visa® Reward card, corporate buyers can meet increasing demand for fast, virtual incentives that offer built-in control, Plus they can spend rewards wherever Visa is accepted, enabling more businesses to capitalize on the trend of instant gratification and to make your customers’ lives easier. Do these observations convince you of trends behind instant gratification?