Merchant Category Code & Merchant ID Data Set Released VI Blog

Merchant Category Code & Merchant ID Data Set Released

Gain More Insights into Your Visa Prepaid Card Rewards, Payments and Incentives

This new data set delivers merchant category codes (MCC) and Merchant ID (MID), to deliver additional insights into the rewards, payments and incentives delivered via Visa Prepaid Reward Cards. 

“This is Marketing Tech, meets AdTech. The data is fantastic in helping clients in both selecting rewards and incentives, which increases engagement, and in where to target media ad buys, which drive a greater return on ad spend. A plus on both sides of the consumer equation.” -Joseph Vergolina, Director of Strategic Accounts 

What are (MCCs) Merchant Category Codes?

MCCs are four-digit numbers that describe a merchant’s primary business activities and are used by credit card issuers to identify the type of business in which a merchant is engaged. They can also be used to track spending habits and to allot credit card points.

What are (MIDs)  Merchant IDs?

An MID is a unique number that identifies a merchant that is processing payments through a network.

Key Benefits of Our MCC and MID Data Set

  • Ability to see redemption/spend transaction activity based on MCC/MID
  • Ability to measure the engagement rate, map it to the incentive and identify which brand is working the best. 
  • Combine this data with other datasets for even more insights.
  • Provide compliance documentation for government transfer programs